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“Reaching out”

Left: Jorge ,the youngest member of the family when this image was taken, Summer of 2018.

Right: My mother “Manolita” (February 1941 - April 2019) reaching the neighbour’s flowers, December 2017.

Photography + Art Direction 

The Pain

“Se Vende” ( For Sale )

“Water, Identity and the Atlactic oceain”

Left: Manolita holding a picture of her with Alfredo on the beach in 1975.

Right: Alejandro, Alfredo’s single child pouring water over metalic glass.

*Roto or Rota = Broken verb, past participle of break. adjective

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“Unknown Lovers & Unknown Chains”

“The Threat”
Left: House name “Las Marismas” or The Marshes.

Right: Victoriano standing at the door of the family house built in 1983.

“The Service”


Dolores is a traditional Spanish name that means “Pains”. It comes from “La Virgen de Los Dolores” (Our Lady of Sorrows). Dolores passed away on February 2019 after a long battle with cancer.

“Don Francisco, Paco shaving” (Diptych)

Don Francisco, was born the year that Franco won the civil war (1937), he greap under the mojo, Franco is like his dad or grandad.

Manolita kissing “Jesusito” Nativity figurine / “Jesusito” ( Baby Jesus Figurine) .

This picture was taken on the 24th of December of 2018 at 23:45. It was the last Christmas with my mother. The tradition at home is to kiss the baby Jesus at Midnight before putting the nativity together with Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph and the rest of the Figurines. After the fourth month of chemotherapy treatments for liver cancer, my mother was exhausted at the christmas dinner and my nephew and I took
her and dad to bed. Then we brought the baby Jesus figurine to bed
to continue the tradition. As my mum took it, she kisses repeatedly
and said: “Jesusito, Jesusito.. in the eighteen ( year 2018) you have not behaved very well. So I’m going to give you more kisses this time hoping you are good and let me stay during the nineteen (2019).” during the nineteen.” (Jesusito = Baby Jesus or Little Jesus)

“Out of Breath” (Diptych)
Left: Mum’s is out of breath. Her lungs are floaded due to chemo.

Right: Water flowing out of Roman fishing weirs. Part of Rota’s cultural and coast treasure, these are large ancient stone structures that allow the water and fish in when the tide is high - and as the tide goes down the water goes as well, leaving the trapped fish behind.

Inez and Vinoodh speaking about Gomez de Villaboa editorial for Impression Magazine.

Inez and Vinoodh speaking about Gomez de Villaboa editorial for Impression Magazine.

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