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I was born a queer boy to a catholic family in southern Spain in 1984. My father was a primary school teacher and my mum was a cheeky and “salerosa” mother of six children.  

Since I have memory, I always wanted to be an artist but I put that dream aside for a while when society told me I could never live from it. However, inspired by video games I started my path as a Graphic Designer and working with colleagues, increasingly seeking to work with my own material and eventually buying my first camera. 
In 2009 I decided to move to London.


Through my work as a Photographer and Retoucher, I've worked with brands like Givenchy, Solace, Filles a Papa, Patou, and Edward Crutchley and had the pleasure to photograph talents like Bebe Rexha, Lewis Hamilton, Anitta, Pretty Much, and LP. Also had my work featured in publications such as Dazed, ID, BBC, WWD, Schon, Attitude, and Wonderland, to mention a few.

I'm passionate about human behavior, mental health, equality, queer movements, and real-life situations that become surreal. In a desire to be true to me and find myself and my vision, my mind pushed me to capture fashion, still life, and quotidian moments everywhere I go. 

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